As mentioned before in my main blog, I’m now creating another Malaysia Super League or Liga Super Malaysia for FIFA11 PC.

With helps from my new friends, Angelvsevil in kits (and minikits) department and Rafney for Perak team, I will concentrate more on database and league making.

Our objectives for this year are:

  1. creating full both Super League and Premier League of season 2010
  2. creating full tournament – leagues, FA cup and Malaysia Cup
  3. creating chants and commentary patch

However, we should keep in mind that FIFA11 is new game, hence need new powerful tools like Creation Master and Sound Master. I’ve been doing this league and sound patch making since December 2008 and I know how fun but hard this voluntary work is without the tools created by Rinaldo the Master of FIFA (which, btw, now have his own websites,

For now, I’ve develop the team and Super League using DBM 11, MSExcel and MSACCESS and just waiting for kits to arrive soon from Angelvsevil.

Stay tune for teaser video and SS soonest possible.


Did I mentioned Malaysia NT already released? look at for more info.