It’s now finish. I’m gain beta 1 stage at the moment. I only give link and password to a limited person at the moment for beta testing. I don’t think it’s quite ready for public release.

Basically here are what you may find in the patch:

  1. Malaysia Super League or Liga Super Malaysia season 2010
  2. Malaysia Premier League or Liga Premier Malaysia season 2010
  3. Malaysia major cups like Piala Sumbangsih, Piala F.A. dan Piala Malaysia.
  4. AFF Suzuki Cup 2010
  5. Standard FIFA World Cup 2010 (but without other missing team like Cote d’Ivoire, etc)

The patch have rating of teams/clubs between 1 to 2 star. It’s quite tedious job, so I might just let loose my own imagination of who or what team deserve better ratings. Just like my previous patch, I don’t play with rules like ‘authentics-sim’ or ‘public standard ratings’. But I do believe in gameplay and fun gaming. Thus if you like to play the patch (later), please remember to accept this: “IT’S MADE FOR FUN AND FREE GAMEPLAY”.

Thank you for supporting me all this while, especially a Malaysian friends.