Welcome to the official release of MSLPL4FIFA11, the latest series of Malaysia League by MSLPatcher. It is design using original database of FIFA 11 PC from first installation (not with patch 1.01). Remember that. Also please read all the post.

Download Malaysia Super League and Premier League for FIFA 11 PC

The forth series of MSLPL4FIFA mod patch by mslpatcher. Click Pix to download

Password – mslpatcher4F11first [ni dia pwd]

Please read all documentation in Documentation folder provided with the patch.

LOOKING FOR AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010 patch? It’s included with the patch.

What Now? Well, if time permitted, I have a plan to release second version next year once the season 2011 start, which will includes our third tier league, called FAM Cup League. Any helps with this league like logo, pictures, list of players are welcome.

But for the moment, I will move to other non-gaming project.

EXTRA INFO : Should you fail to play the patch with accurate team name of Malaysia league teams/clubs, please delete all files in ‘FIFA 11’ folder located at My Documents. Maybe a file like ‘Squads0 XXXXXXXX%Squads 1’ or similar are the reason for the misconfiguration.

Also, you may want to run DBM11 (download here – official link) once more especially those who have install the official patch 1.01. You need to extract database from main database and local databases to specified folder (automatically created by DBM11).  You will find locale.big extracted in LOC while fifa_ng_db.db. Only then the installation of MSLPL4FIFA11 can be successful.

NOTE : Version 2.0 of MSLPL4FIFA11 PC a.k.a. MSL4FIFA11 v2 season 2011 will be available late January, after transfer windows are close and the availability of information of all teams/clubs.

MSL4FIFA11 season 2012 (latest) update 4 version has been available since 24th April, 2011. Download here. (malaysia-super-league-premier-league-fam-cup-league-and-national-cup-league-2011-beta-4-update-release/)