New sponsorship, new logos, new players and new kits  for season 2011 of Malaysia Super League and Premier League. I also already created a new FAM Cup League which is the third tier of Liga Malaysia. The basic structure of the tournament are ready.

However, DO NOT expect too much of me. Since the begining of my involvement in fifa gamepatch making, my main concern are the gameplay with the original fifa engine. Probably if angelvsevil continue to collaborate with me, the kits of all 26 teams will be ready very soon. While other 8-10 team of FAM Cup League matter, I will have to be creative. For now, I already design a fake/fantasy emblem/crest of certain team like Tambun Tulang FC, etc. In fact most of the players name are just like what PES/WE publisher do to unlicensed team, make a fantasy or fake name of players.

Coming soon to your PC mid February, subject to terms and conditions and the viability of free time and helps from angelvsevil. If not, then it may takes more time since I will have to draw all kits by myself, just like in previous years.

On the other side of the world, looks like our hero, Mr Rinaldo of FIfa-master, the creator of powerful Creation Master series, have manage to create the latest version of CM11 for FIFA11 PC. So far a few screenshot have been posted here. So keep on reading his websites and continue to support him.