Looks like the second release of new Malaysia League are too damn slow. I know. However, this time I’m waiting for the working and stable release of Creation Master 11 which is still to far for final release. But I’m still waiting. Reworking on the patch using DBM 11 are really kind of ‘a pain in the ass’. So, I’m not willing to do it again.

However, the good news are coming from the other side of the world. Rinaldo are working hard in producing yet his latest amazing Fifa series tools. So far CM11 are in beta 4 stage. It can open FIFA11 WITH my patch intact. So I know I can make fast editing once the new CM11 Release candidate released.

As for now, I can only say, be patient guys. I’m not missing and I’m not hiding. I just have to live my life as it is. Until CM11 final release. Only then the countdown begins.