Hi, looks like Creation Master beta 6 are out now. It is really a happy news because I rely too much on CM11 for the patch. Previous version of Liga Malaysia season 2010 patch for fifa11 are using DBM11 as the main tools with the help of other tools for making the graphics objects working.

Malaysia League season 2011 are in progress as we speak. I already have the players name for majority of the teams since February 2011, hence you may find that Safee Sali still play for Selangor, assuming the patch are for early season. As of previous version, angelvsevil artwork are very helpful. He have prepared for us a kits for major team in MSL and a few MPL. He’s been busy lately with study and exam preparation, so he’s no longer send me the latest artwork. I’ve been busy too. Having little time to redo this patch, I’ve opted to reuse the previous patch artwork but by removing the TM logo from the shirt. It only affected to other team, not the Super League.

The tournament structure are working thanks to the easy-to-use CM11 by Rinaldo. I’ve been playing with the season 2011, myself and so far now crash problem whatsoever. However, keep this in mind. I have restructured the FA Cup tournament as well as Malaysia Cup. It’s not easy to implement real tournament in FIFA11 so I took the liberty to change it. Also there a now a forth tier league, which I call Liga Piala Nasional. I use it to put Tambun Tulang and Juara BHL team because I don’t want to throw it away.

Yes, this version are created using FIFA 11 1.01 version.

Now, I need a little help. Have anyone knows where can I find a good quality logo/graphics (400×400 at least) for the following teams:

  1. Kor RAMD FC/FA?
  2. Tentera Darat FC/FA?
  3. TUDM Hornet FC
  4. Tambun Tulang FC
  5. Juara Ban Hong Leong FC?
  6. Melaka FA
  7. NS Betaria FC
  8. Melodi Jaya FC.
  9. UiTM Pahang FC
  10. Shahzan Muda FC

Actually I do have the logo but not really a good one. I found it from Melaka FA Fans facebook page. Unfortunately, it is a bit small.

So any helps are welcome.