I’m quite relief as I’m now able to release to public my MALAYSIA LEAGUE SEASON 2011 GAMEPATCH.

However, I do consider it as a beta release, dubbed Malaysia League 2011 for FIFA 11 PC beta 3.

Overall it has 4 tiers of league and 5 cups tournaments. I took the liberty to add fantasy tournament to spice up the patch. Even the underdog team can now play in Cup tournament.

Let me brief you more about the patch:

  1. Comprises of 4 tiers of League – Super League-1st tier, Premier League-2nd tier, FAM (Cup) League-3rd tier, National (Cup) League -4th tier.
  2. 1 Charity Cup in the early season – battle between Super League champions vs Malaysia Cup champions of previous year
  3. 2 Cups tournament in the middle of season – F.A. Cup (real) and MSLPatcher Cup (fantasy)
  4. 2 Cups tournament in the end of season – Malaysia Cup (real) and Majlis Raja-raja Cup (fantasy)
  5. Reintroduced of absent teams, previously competed in the M-League :- KL Plus FC, Proton FC, KM Naza FC, UPB-My Team FC and placed into National League.
  6. Artworks in terms of kits and others were done by Angelvsevil and MSLPatcher.
  7. Most players in FAM League and National League are fake name/fantasy players. I can’t find all players so I choose to use unknown players.

Now a little thing to say:

  1. All fans of Malaysia football, that plays this patch are encourage to help the creator of the patch in anyways possible. I prefer if you can edit the patch in CM11 of certain team and send me a CMP to be incorporated into master database (in my PC).
  2. For examples, NS Betaria FC in no way are the real players. So if you know who and what position they play, you can edit the players name, position, height, etc, including their attributes in CM11.
  3. Later you can create specific CMP file of NS Betaria FC, upload to the internet and send me the link for downloading. I will then, export to FIFA11 PC and if the changes are suitable, it will be added permanently for next beta or final release.
  4. Let just assume this time around it is all about re-learning period.
  5. Yes, the release is late, but it should be acceptable. All important tools needed are developed by a person named Rinaldo from Italy. FIFA 11 PC is totally different from previous series, so he needs more time to recoding his softwares like Creation Master, Database Master and others. Hence, the delays also makes the world of FIFA 11 PC gamepatch stood still (almost).
  6. Glad you all a patience persons.

Fact of FILE:

Name of file : Malaysia League season

Console/PC : PC version only. Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit or 64bit. If your FIFA 11 PC and CM11 can run in your PC, then this gamepatch is for you.

First public release date : 10th April 2011

Creator : mslpatcher

Type of file patch : CMP file.

Special requirement : need Creation Master 11 (at least beta 6.2) to install the patch.

Size : 16.32 MB (16,712 kb)

Server :

Link to download : Zip file splitted to 01, 02, 03 and 04 files.
(pwd : mslpatcher4f11b32nd)


  1. Download all four files and use Winzip or 7-zip to extract/unzip the content.
  2. Then run CM11 (latest release) and open FIFA11.
  3. Click on the menu PATCH, then LOAD.
  4. Click OPEN button, then select Malaysia League season 2011_pubrelease_beta3.CMP file where you extracted just now. Now OPEN.
  5. Click SELECT ALL, then IMPORT. Wait for a few minutes till it done.
  6. Close CM-Patch Loader windows, then SAVE CM 11. Now you may quit CM11.
  7. Done, you can now Run FIFA 11 PC and play Malaysia League in your PC.
  8. Keep in mind all your previous game save no longer working.

Thank you for your support.

THIS IS A VOLUNTEER WORKS. Just us it as it is meant for. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

ADDITIONAL NOTES : MSL4FIFA11 PC updates, BETA 4 VERSION (first public release : 24th April 2011) are available now. Link here.